Teaching Event at Du Khor Choeling by His Eminence 13th Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche

His Eminence 13th Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche was recognized by His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of his predecessor 12th Kundeling Tatsak Rinpoche. In previous incarnations he served as Regent of Tibet, Senior Tutor to Dalai Lama and Gaden Tripa. In his current incarnation, he completed his Geshe degree in 2013 and completed his tantric studies at Gyumed Monastery in 2014.


Events Include:

  • Friday - September 30, 2022 / 9 AM- Till noon 

Teachings on Je Tsongkapa’s Three Principal Aspects of the Path 

  • Saturday October 1, 2022 / 9 AM- Till noon 

Avalokitesvara Jenang: Strengthening the Heart of Compassion 

Avalokitesvara, also known as Chenrezig in Tibetan, embodies the compassion of all the Buddhas.  During this session His Eminence will explain the special qualities of Avalokitesvara as well as the  benefits of the practices associated with this deity. His Eminence will also bestow the Jenang of  Avalokitesvara, a ceremony that provides blessings that awaken and nourish the seeds of compassion  within us and enables us to perform the deity yoga practice of Avalokitesvara. As a result, the ceremony  supports our spiritual development by helping us maintain compassion during the activities of our daily  lives as well as increasing our motivation to engage in various practices of the path towards enlightenment. 


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