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White Zambhala

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The tradition of white Zambhala Yang-Bhum is empowered by the practice of Zambhala and is from the Lineage of Debam Kara, known as Jowo Atisha in Tibet.

The vase is of pure copper, painted white, which is the symbolic color of both these deities. The Yang-Bhum is filled with precious materials, very rare and difficult to obtain these days, the principal components being relied, clothing hairs and precious substances such as gold, silver, jade, amethyst, lapis, crystals, pearls, coral and so on. It also contains various medicinal substances, including Aru, Bharu, Kyu-ru and the precious component of all twenty-five-vase materials. The vase also contains the picture and the rolled mantras of the wealth deities with other auspicious pictures.