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Three Fierce ones - Ta Chag Khyung Sum Empowerment by Khensur Jhado Tulku Rinpoche on - December 6, 2023

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TOPIC: Three Fierce ones - Ta Chag Khyung Sum Empowerment by Khensur Jado Tulku Rinpoche.

Date:  December 6, 2023

Time:  9 AM

Location: His Holiness the Dalali Lama Library and Learning Center.

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Jhado Rinpoche will perform the Empowerment of Three Fierce ones -Ta Chak Khyung Sum– Three Powerful and Wrathful Deities.   This practice combines Hayagriva, Vajrapani and Garuda within one practice.  Hayagriva is the wrathful form of Chenrezig (Buddha of Compassion),Vajrapani is the embodiment of the power of the Buddha and the Garuda is wrathful form of Manjushri (Buddha of Wisdom).  This practice combines the power of these three deities into one.  The blessings of this practice assist in protection and healing of various diseases and removing obstacles.


Khensur Jhado Tulku Rinpoche (Tenzin Jungne) was born in 1954 to a nomadic family living in the area of Namtso Lake, 220 kilometers north of Lhasa, Tibet.  Rinpoche studied at Sera Je Monastery in South India, where he received extensive teachings and attained the Geshe Lha Rampa, the highest level of education in the Geluk tradition.  He then went on to continue his studies at Gyuto Tantric College in lower Dharamsala.  From 1992 until 1996, Rinpoche served as a teacher at Namgyal Monastery in Dharamsala, the personal monastery of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  In 1997, Rinpoche was appointed to the post of Abbot of Namgyal Monastery, and served the institution in that capacity until 2004. (Namgyal Monastery, founded in 1568 by the third Dalai Lama, served as a private monastery for subsequent Dalai Lamas.) Rinpoche received many transmissions from both His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his tutors, as well as from the great non-sectarian lineage masters such as Trulshig Rinpoche and Chogye Trichen Rinpoche.

 Jhado Tulku Rinpoche is one of the most highly esteemed lamas in the Geluk lineage today.  In addition to his excellent education in the Geluk monastic college system, over the years Rinpoche has also received many oral transmissions and empowerments from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his two main tutors, as well as from many great teachers from other traditions, including the famous Nyingma master Trulshik Rinpoche.

Renowned for his keen intelligence and dynamic teaching style, Jhado Rinpoche is also highly acclaimed for his ability to engage western students in ways that are interesting and personally relevant.  In addition to these qualities, Rinpoche is also well known and loved for his gentle demeanor and his kindness.